Muslim American Social Services (MASS), formerly known as The Muslim Care Clinic, serves as a non-profit, volunteer led, multicultural community organization that is dedicated to providing free high quality healthcare services for uninsured residents of Duval County at or below 200% poverty level. The origins of MASS stemmed from a need to address the demand for free healthcare by establishing a community support network for medically uninsured and underserved individuals of Jacksonville, Florida.

MASS opened its doors to the community in November 2010. With the aid of Islamic Center of North East Florida, a trailer was acquired and converted into a clinic. Despite limited resources and tight quarters, MASS still managed to run efficiently and was able to provide high quality services to the community. Through the help of countless community donors and sponsors, $325,000 was raised within two weeks for the acquisition of a larger facility. MASS officially relocated in August 2014, allowing the organization to provide the best treatment for patients.

Today, MASS is able to accommodate 40 + patients per week and is continuously growing with support from the community. Our patients come from diverse backgrounds and we welcome every eligible individual to utilize our services. We are proud to announce that MASS has provided $330,000 worth of medical services for over 2,500 patients since opening in November 2010. Additionally, our 145 volunteers have invested over 5,000 hours in making MASS a success. 

Previously, MASS had a limited outreach capacity, as services were restricted to a bi-weekly basis for only select hours. Today, MASS offers services every Sunday afternoon from 1:30 to 6:00 P.M. Our volunteers are currently working on expanding hours to provide a Wednesday and Saturday session so our patients will have more flexibility receiving the services they need. We are always committed to upholding the highest quality of attainable healthcare for all of our consumers. 

Our inspiration to pursue excellence comes from the extraordinary patients we serve and their touching stories. We have experienced tremendous growth since opening our new facility and want to thank every individual who has been a part of this effort. However, this is only the beginning for MASS. With your help, we can bring thriving change to the distribution of healthcare for the Jacksonville community and continually strive to serve those truly in need.

Our patients come from diverse locations around Jacksonville. Red clusters indicate small concentrations of patients while blue clusters indicate larger concentrations of patients.

Our patients come from diverse locations all around Jacksonville. Blue clusters indicate small concentrations of patients while red clusters indicate larger concentrations of patients.