Food as Medicine Program

Here at the MASS Clinic, we believe the food that we eat can greatly contribute to an individual’s overall health therefore. Food as Medicine Program is designed to encourage patients as well as the general public to develop a healthier diet through education and providing food to those experiencing food insecurities. The Food as Medicine program at the MASS Clinic works in collaboration with the UNF Nutrition Department and the Islamic Center of Northeast Florida. 

Diet Counseling 

Diet counseling is currently offered to chronic hypertensive and critically diabetic patients to assist with their diet. Those who are enrolled participate in weekly sessions through an educational and interactive group session for 6 weeks. Each session is lead by a dietitian who provides education. After each session, patients are awarded with a financial incentive as a means of rewarding them while keeping them interested in returning back to the classes. 

Number of Patients with Food Insecurities

Food Pantry


Patients at the MASS Clinic as well as the public who have food insecurities are able to access the food pantry located within the clinic. The food pantry contains fresh produce and sustainable goods such as canned and dried foods provided by Feeding Northeast Florida Food Bank. Food vouchers are also given to patients to aid in purchasing healthy food. This pantry is dedicated to provide people with healthy food, encouraging them to improve their diet and overall health. 

Current Food Pantry Hours: 

Tuesday 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Sunday 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM



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