“I found MASS Clinic in 2015 when I got breast cancer and was desperate finding somebody, a hospital or facility to help me with this issue. Someone told me about MASS Clinic through the program of WeCare. MASS is the one who registers, who give appointments, send you to the specialist, and do all the processes for you. They have been really great, not only for my cancer but also in any issue that I have and with anything I need, whether if it is a doctor or specialist if that is the case. So I highly recommend MASS very much. All the people are very nice, Ms. Rakshinda especially, all the staff who are learning and doing their job, they are great too. I recommend it very much and I am glad I found the MASS Clinic. If i didn’t find you guys for this cancer, thank God I got through everything, it was a very difficult time for me. MASS not only help me but keep helping people without health insurance, thank you MASS Clinic for all you do. Thank you so much, thank you!

“I am very grateful for everything you have done for me. Thank you”

“We want to thank everyone at the MASS Clinic. My husband moved here in the US with me. Shortly after that, he had a stroke and we had no insurance. The doctors and nurses and everybody at the MASS Clinic took good care of him for a year … I could never thank them enough I really really wanted to say thank you and I hope that all the good work that they are doing would inspire other doctors and nurses, anybody who really wants to help, to go there and provide good care. Thank you so much.”

translator and wife of patient E.D.
I contacted the MASS Clinic looking for people that would help me, and that’s precisely what I found. Even though I had difficulties with drug abuse, the MASS Clinic immediately accepted me as a patient. The MASS Clinic offered multiple resources that assisted me in overcoming my drug abuse problem. All the people at the MASS Clinic have been phenomenal; they have helped me return to my healthy self. I had untreated conditions that I didn’t give the proper attention to, and by going to the MASS Clinic, I was able to receive the proper medicine to treat those conditions. With the help of the MASS Clinic, I have been able to turn my entire life around. Before, I wasn’t able to take care of my kids due to my conditions and drug abuse; But with the help of the clinic, I am now healthy, and I am able to look after my children properly. The best part of this has been that I now know that there are people and places like the MASS Clinic that actually care and want to help others. Thank you to everyone at the Mass Clinic; you have completely changed my life!

Wonderful clinic who has the patients best interest in mind! No other clinic in Jacksonville we’ve called would help us unless we were both unemployed, although we are below the poverty line. We made an appointment online and were seen by a doctor for my husbands ongoing stomach pain. It is better to make an appointment online than walk in. Making an appointment is super easy. The staff was always very quick to reach out to us directly to confirm appointments, make sure we did not have any questions and follow up with us. They were able to provide a no cost referral to have blood tested at another facility, and gave us a coupon for a pharmacy for a prescription that normally would have cost over $120 that brought the price down to less than $10! We would never been able to seek medical help with the rising costs, and now my husband is finally on his way to a pain free life after YEARS! We cannot be more grateful for their help. You do not have to be part of the Muslim community, we are just 2 southern white people. All different backgrounds of people in the waiting room we were chatting with. The entire staff was kind and welcoming, even offering us snacks. Shame on anyone who would discriminate! They are doing wonderful work for the community!
To [email protected] Thank you very much! All of you are fantastic. I picked up the prescription yesterday afternoon, by this afternoon I feel so much better. Thank You again – all are very special. I will not forget how you have helped me. When I get on my feet I will find a way to repay you for all you have given me. With Great Appreciation,
We are excited to be given the opportunity to partner with the MASS Clinic, because they have expanded our ability to assist patients that have no healthcare coverage. Some of the patients haven’t been seen by a doctor in years. We are very grateful.”
Care Assure at Memorial Hospital of Jacksonville, FL.
Partner Clinic
To whom it may concern: I have been privileged to have health coverage the majority of my life time but have no health plan now. Your clinic is exceptional for the the resources allotted. The staff is friendly and handles difficult situations’ well. With all of the negativity surrounding certain ethnicity’ and religions’ I applaud their strength and commitment. This facility deserves any and all financial benefits available and I hope that I am able to assist them in their wellness efforts. From my family and I
"MASS clinic has been a wonderful partner for We Care Jacksonville by being so ready to help our entire Jacksonville community in any way possible with such genuine care and concern." .
Sue Nussbaum, MD. MBA,
Previous Executive Director, WE CARE Jacksonville
"To the staff of the Muslim Care Clinic: I just want to tell you how truly grateful I am for all of the medical care you have provided over the past five months. Every time I come into the clinic, I am greeted with professionalism, and have even acquired some hearty laughs during my exams. Tonight, you submitted a referral to the Volunteers in America Clinic for rheumatology. I am sitting in my living room with tears in my eyes….Thank you for all the work your dedicated staff of volunteers performs each week. You have made a difference in my life and I will always be appreciative!