Primary Care Program

Here at the MASS Clinic, we offer primary care to all those who are eligible for our services. We are blessed with multiple providers that are dedicated to the uninsured population of Duval County. A substantial amount of the population in Duval County are uninsured and have difficulty finding reliable and consistent primary care. Here at the MASS Clinic, our promise is to ensure all residents of Duval County have access to medical care. 

Primary Care Patients 


Since the founding of the MASS Clinic, the number of patients that are served every year has only increased. Many of the patients that enroll in the primary care program come in for follow up visits. This past year, the MASS Clinic had 575 new patient visits and 3202 follow up visits, which totals up to 3777 patient visits. 

Patient Referral Sources 


Our patients are referred to our clinic through many sources. Our highest referral source is word of mouth, as many patients refer us to their family and friends. We have established relationships with local hospitals such as Baptist Hospital who send discharged patients that fit our eligibility criteria, to follow up with us. People can also discover our services online and through WE CARE.

Prescription Assistance Program

The Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) is designed to help patients obtain costly medications such as insulins, inhalers, and anticoagulants. Social workers at the MASS Clinic assist patients by filling out prescription assistance applications and providing drug company resources, enabling patients to receive these medications at little to no cost. Through this program, patients receive their medications on a monthly basis, ensuring medication compliance.

Below is a list of common medications that patients were able to get through our Prescription Assistance Program

Diabetic Medications 

  • Lantus
  • Levemir
  • Novolog/ Humalog
  • Novolin/Humulin
  • Tresiba
  • Ozempic
  • Trulicity
  • Victoza
  • Trulicity
  • Fiasp
  • Trajenta
  • Januvia 


  • Advair Diskus 
  • Proair HFA and Respiclick 
  • Spiriva 
  •  Trelegy Ellipta 
  • Breo Ellipta 
  • Symbicort
  • Brillinta 
  • Combivent 


  • Eliquis 
  • Cosentyx 
  • Entresto 
  • Humira